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16 Way Keypad TTP229 Capacitive Touch Switch Digital Sensor


1. 16-key board TTP229 capacitive touch sensor IC2. the module can be set to output mode, the key output mode, the longest time and fast output / low power options3. PCB board size: 49.3 (mm) x64.5 (m..

3x4 Matrix Keyboard Keypad Module


This high quality 3x4 Keypad Matrix lets you quickly add controls to your electronics projects. It offers 0-9 numerals, A-D letters, and standard star(*) and hash(#) symbols. Features:100% brand ..

TTP226 8-Channel Digital Capacitive Touch Switch Sensor


1. Onboard TTP226 capacitive 8-key touch sensor IC2. Onboard 8-channel level status indicator3. Working voltage: 2.4V-5.5V4. The module can set output mode, key output mode, longest output time and fa..

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