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6pcs Mini Silver Cutter Grinding Head Carving Drill Bits Set Kit HSS Rotary Tools Milling Practical Multifunctional Woodworking


High grade Bits.All of the shanks are 3.17mm and compatible with other multi-tool machines including el.These 6PCS HSS Routing Bits are perfect for all sorts off jobs like Model making and the like.Us..

2-3 Days

PCB Mini Drill Bit Tungsten Steel Carbide for Print Circuit Board 10pcs/set 0.30mm -1.20mm


Material: Alloy Tungsten Steel BitDiameter: 0.1-1.0Product Usage: Processing of Amber Honey Wax, PCB, CNC, Abrasives, Sculpture, Plastics, Copper, etc.Warm Tip: 0.30-1.20MM bit is easy to break, the o..

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