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12V/24V to 5V Dual Socket 3A DC-DC Vehicle Charging Stable Voltage Charging Module HW-681


Dual socket 3A DC-DC step-down regulator charging moduleProduct size: 28*33*8mm (dual socket), 28*66*8mm (four socket)Product weight: 5.5g (dual socket), 11.5g (four socket)Input voltage range: 6-26VO..

2S 7.4V 8.4V 5A Li-ion 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board HX-2S-A2 Charging Module


Product parametersModel: HX-2S-A2Overcharge voltage range: 4.25-4.35v ± 0.05vOverpressure voltage range: 2.5-3.0v ± 0.05vCharging voltage: 8.4V-9VUpper limit operating current: 5AUpper limit instantan..

3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Dual Battery Charger With USB Cable NK-306


1 x NK-306 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Dual Battery Charger With USB Cable..

2-3 Days

3S 100A 12V BMS Li-Iron Lithium Battery Charger Protection with Power Battery Balance Board


Overcharge and discharge protection to prevent overcharge and discharge of the battery, Overcurrent protection to prevent abnormal high current of battery.Balance protection, battery voltage balance, ..

3S 40A BMS 11.1V 12.6V 18650 Balanced Version Lithium Battery Protection Board


3S 40A 12.6V 40A lithium battery protection board (comes with recovery function-AUTO Recovery)Scope: Nominal voltage of 3.6V, 3.7V lithium battery (including 18650,26650, polymer lithium battery)Produ..

7S 29.4V 20A BMS Protection Board W/ Balance For Li-Ion Lithium Battery


Specification:Brand newSize: approx. 60*40*3.6mmOvercharge Detection Voltage: 4.25±0.05VOver Discharge Detection Voltage: 2.5V±0.05VCharger Voltage: 29.4VUpper Working Current: 15AUpper Limit Instanta..

2-3 Days

HCW-M633 Digital Battery Charging Control Module AC 220V for 0-60VDC battery


Charge control module HCW-M633 (HCW-M633) with indicatorScope: 6-60V battery (Applicable to solar cells, new batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, l..

TP5100 Single 4.2V / Dual 8.4V 2A Lithium Battery Charging Board BMS


Parameter:Size: 25*17*5mm (length*width*height)Input voltage: DC 5-18V(actual 5-12V is appropriate)Charging status: full and no-load blue light, red during chargingThe voltage setting must be operated..

Universal Micro USB Single Charger For Rechargeable Li-ion Battery NK-205


1 X Universal USB Single Charger For Rechargeable Li-ion Battery NK-205 **Without USB Cable..

XH-M601 Battery Charging Control Board 12V Intelligent Charger Automatic Charging/Stop Board


1.Name:12V charger power control board2.Model:XH-M6013.Power Supply Voltage:13.8-14.8V4.Relay Operating Voltage:12.4V5.Relay Disconnect Voltage:14.8V6.Voltage Tolerance:+/-0.1V7.Voltage Detection Way:..

XH-M603 Charging Control Module 12-24V Storage Lithium Battery


XH-M603 Charging Control Module 12-24V Storage Lithium Battery Charger Control Switch Protection BoardProduct Introduction:1.Model:XH-M6032.Input Voltage:DC 10-30V 3.Display Precision:0.1V 4..

12V/10A 24V/5A Smart Battery Charger 7-Stage Automotive Multi function


Type:Battery ChargerFunction:7-Stage Battery Maintainer with Temperature Compen, Lead Acid Battery ChargerCharging Port:no USB portConnection:AC ChargerVoltage:DC12V~DC24VInput voltage:DC12V~DC24VRate..

Coming Soon

12V/12A 24V/6A Automatic Smart Battery Charger


Type: Battery ChargerFunction:7-Stage Battery Maintainer with Temperature, Lead Acid Battery ChargerCharging Port: no USB portConnection:AC ChargerVoltage:100-240V AC, 50-60HzInput voltage:100-240V AC..

12V/5A Automatic Smart Battery Charger


Type:Battery ChargerFunction:Total Protection, Car Battery ChargerConnection:AC ChargerVoltage:DC12VInput voltage:DC12VRated output:12V/5ABattery range:4-100AhThermal protect:65'C+/-5'CDimension (L*W*..

12V/7A Automatic Smart Battery Charger


Type: Battery ChargerFunction: 7-Stage Battery Maintainer with Temperature Company, Lead Acid Battery ChargerCharging Port: no USB portConnection:AC ChargerVoltage:100-240V AC, 50-60HzInput voltage:10..

12V/8A 24V/4A Automatic Smart Battery Charger


Type: Battery ChargerFunction: Total Protection, Car Battery ChargerCharging Port: no USB portConnection:AC ChargerRated output:12V/8A 24V/4ABattery range:6-150AhThermal protect:65'C+/-5'CDimension (L..

1S 10A BMS 4.2V PCB PCM BMS 18650 Li-Ion Lipo Battery Protection Module


Use for home, office and industry electricalTemperature protection: noneOver-discharge protection delay: 70-150mSSingle-section over-discharge protection voltage: 2.82V-2.98VRent discharge current: no..

1S 3.7V 3A BMS PCM 18650 Battery Charging Protection Board *1Pcs


Specifications:Overcharge detection voltage: 4.25 ± 0.05VOvercharge release voltage: 4.23 ± 0.05VOver discharge detection voltage: 2.45 ± 0.1VUpper limit continuous current: 2AOvercurrent detection cu..

1S 6A 4.2V BMS Li-ion Battery Charger Protection Board *1Pcs


Features:(1) Built-in high-precision voltage detection circuit(2) Connect the charger terminal with high voltage device(3) Built-in three-stage overcurrent detection circuit (overcurrent1, overcurrent..

2S 20A BMS Balanced 7.4V 8.4V 18650 BMS Lithium battery protection board


Applicable scope: Suitable for lithium batteries with nominal voltage of 3.7V and full voltage of 4.2V (including 18650, 26650, polymer lithium batteries, without limitation on the dimensions)Product ..

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