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Heatsink Compound White Plastic Bottle Thermal Grease 40g


1 x Heatsink Compound White Plastic Bottle Thermal Grease 40g..

HY410 Thermal Grease CN10 CPU Chip-set Cooling Compound Silicone Paste 1.42W 10g


Features:100% brand new and high quality 1. Apply to CPU, VGA, Chipset, Radiator, and other PC components.2. Thermal grease paste, helps your electrical appliance to thermal conductivity and heat..

Hy510 30g Grey Thermal Conductive Grease Paste Thermal Grease


-Specification:-Model: HY510-TU20Q-Brand new and high quality-Shape: Syringe-Weight: Approx. 30g-Color: Grey-Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: >1.93W / MK-Thermal Resistance: <0.225-Operating Te..

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