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FM Radio Receiver Module 87-108MHz DSP PLL Digital Stereo Frequency Range 50Hz-18KHz


Features: 1: the use of advanced digital audio signal processing (DSP) and FM modulation phase-locked loop (PLL) to make the sound more realistic, more stable performance, and long working hours ..

Max98357 I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout Interface Dac Decoder Module


Features:Single-Supply Operation (2.5V to 5.5V)3.2W Output Power into 4I at 5V2.4mA Quiescent Current92% Efficiency (R L = 8I, P OUT = 1W)25μV RMS Output Noise (A V = 15dB)Low 0.015% THD+N at 1kHzNo M..

2-3 Days

NE5532 Stereo Pre-amp Preamplifier Audio 4 Channels Amplifier Module XH-M164


NE5532 HIFI Stereo Preamplifier AMP Volume Tone EQ Control Board Audio Power Amplifier Board Module Color: BlueModel: NE5532Supply Voltage: Dual Power AC 12V - 18V Number of Channel: Dual-ch..

VHM-314 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board Bluetooth 5.0 mp3 Lossless Decoder Board


1.Parameter characteristicsPower Supply 3.7-5VSNR 90dBTHD+N -70dBCrosstalk -86dBDNR 91dBSupport Profile A2DP/AVCTP/AVDTP/AVRCP/HFPLOS >15m2.Interface detailsUSB powered Universal Micro USB 5V power..

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XH-A233 15W X 2 Bluetooth 4.2 Digital power amplifier board TF Card 12v~24v


XH-A233 15W X 2 Bluetooth 4.2 Digital power amplifier board Stereo TF Card Play 12v~24v Audio AmpProduct Name: TF / Bluetooth Digital AmplifierProduct model: XH-A233Input voltage: DC12-24VAudio input:..

XH-M802 Passive Tone Board Amplifier Preamp Power Module Adjustable Low High Sound


Features:This item is a passive tone board, the main function of the input audio signal for high and low tone section, and then sent to the amplifier board to zoom.The principle of the product is the ..

AT-09 HM-10 Android IOS BLE 4.0 Bluetooth module for arduino


Input voltage: 3.3V/5V only needs a set of power supply.   Built in level conversion function.   If you use MCU 5.0V and Bluetooth module communication, 5.0V power supply..

Bluetooth Audio Receiver CA-6928 Module 5V


Bluetooth stereo audio receiver circuit board is ultra-small size, easy to embed modified products.two-channel stereo output,compatible with most of the market power amplifier ,home audio and video,ca..

Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Interface Base Board For HC-06 HC-07 HC-05 BC-04


Product Features :1: The factory chip production , stable and reliable quality2: Power anti-reverse , reverse power does not work3 : Input voltage 3.6 ~ 6V, must not exceed 7V! !4: common variety of m..

2-3 Days

HC 05 2.4G RF Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Master Slave Module Serial UART 3.3V


1 x HC 05 2.4G RF Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Master Slave Module Serial UART 3.3V..

2-3 Days

HC-05 6 Pin Bluetooth Integrated Serial Pass-Through Module Master-Slave Wireless


Features:1. The core module uses HC-05 slave module, and the interface includes VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, KEY pin, Bluetooth connection status lead (STATE). 2. LED light indicates Bluetooth connection ..

HC-05 Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module


Hardware featuresTypical -80dBm sensitivityUp to +4dBm RF transmit power Low Power 1.8V Operation ,1.8 to 3.6V I/O PIO controlUART interface with programmable baud rate With integrated ..

HC-06 Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module Slave


Product features:Using HC - 06 from module 1, a core module, which leads to the interface includes VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, reserved LED state output pin, MCU can state whether the bluetooth is connected t..

JDY-33 Dual mode Bluetooth serial Port Bluetooth SPP-C compatible with HC-05/06 slave Bluetooth 3.0


1. Product introduction and application   JDY-33 Bluetooth is based on Bluetooth 3.0 SPP+BLE design, which can support Windows, Linux, android, IOS data transparent transmission, working fre..

JDY-40 2.4G Wireless Serial Port Transmission Transceiver and Remote Communication Module


JDY-40 is developed by 2.4G technology, with a distance of 120 meters. It uses serial communication interface, which is simple and quick to use. You can apply JDY-40 to products only needs to know the..

JDY-62 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Dual Channel Module


Description :VCC: voltage range 4.2V to 5V, in particular, can not exceed 5V power supplyGND: PowerL: Left channel outputR: Right channel outputMUTE: high level when muted, normally lowKC: Empty PinTh..

JDY-67 Dual-mode Audio Bluetooth SPP Bluetooth BLE Transparent Pass-through Module


Parameters:Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.2Bluetooth protocol support: hfpv1.7, adpv1.2, avrcpv1.5, avctpv1.2, avdtpv1.2, low energyWorking voltage: DC 3.3-4.2 VNot connected to power supply: 3.5 mlA..

MH-MX8 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Receiver Module BLT 4.2 M28


MH-MX8 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Receiver Module BLT 4.2 Lossless Decoder Board Kit Low Consumption M28MH-MX8 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Receiver Module BLT 4.2 Lossless Decoder Board Kit Low Con..

2-3 Days

TDA7492 50W+50W AUX Switch Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifier


TDA7492 CSR8635 V4.0 Bluetooth Receiver Digital Amplifier Audio Board 2X50W Amplifiers with Earphones InterfaceDescription:100% Brand New and High Quality!Power Supply: 2.1 interface 8~24V DCOutput Im..

TPA3110 D2 30W×2 Dual IIC With Inbuilt Bluetooth Class D Amplifier 12-24VDC


TPA3110 Bluetooth 4.2 Digital Stereo Audio Amplifier ModuleTPA3110, You can connect an amplifier to your portable speaker with the integrated 2x30W digital sound amplifier card. This board with revers..

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