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RL-084 Aluminum Metal Desoldering Pump Soldering Sucker

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RL-084 Aluminum Metal Desoldering Pump Soldering Sucker IN SRI LANKA


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Temperature adjustment range: 1°

Scope of application: tin removal

Net weight: approx. 26 grams

Material: half stainless steel half plastic

color: blue

Operation Manual:

1. Press the piston of the tin suction device down to lock it.

2. Heat the solder joint with an electric soldering iron to melt the solder.

3. Take off the soldering iron and quickly put it into the tin suction device to paste the solder on the resistance, and press the button on the tin suction device.

4. If it is not cleaned once, it can be repeated many times.


1. Ensure that the piston of the solder suction cup is well sealed. Before energizing, plug the hole of the solder suction cup with your finger, press the button of the solder suction cup, if the piston does not easy to pop out in place, it means the seal is good.

2. The size of the tin suction head is different, so choose the appropriate specification.

3. The solder suction head is worn out and should be replaced with a new one.

4. Before the solder paste touches the solder, dip a little rosin to improve the fluidity of the solder.

5. The head contacts the pad slightly longer. When the solder melts, take the solder joint pin as the center, then stretch out your hand clockwise to draw a circle, and then press the tin suction button.

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