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GY-530 VL53L0X Laser Ranging Sensor Module World Smallest Time-O F-Flight (ToF) IIC Communication

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GY-530 VL53L0X Laser Ranging Sensor Module World Smallest Time-O F-Flight (ToF) IIC Communication


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GY-530 VL53L0X Laser Ranging Sensor Module World Smallest Time-O F-Flight (ToF) IIC Communication Ranging Module


VL53L0 can be completed in a frame of the entire measurement operation, usually less than 30ms, the distance is less than 2 meters. This distance measurement allows the camera to focus instantly in both shooting and continuous shooting modes, maintaining the same performance even in low light or low contrast scenes, while for low-light or low-contrast scenes without a ToF Is a huge challenge. Thanks to its excellent ranging accuracy, the VL53L0 also boosts smartphone application performance, including dual-camera depth maps. The VL53L0 module of STMicroelectronics is easy to use (6 valid pins), provides an I2C interface, comes with a full set of API drivers and technical documentation to make system integration quick and easy. The module package supports the reflow soldering process, RoHS compliance limits, fully compatible with a variety of glass cover, and appearance

The VL53L0X extends the ToF ranging length to two meters with an accuracy of ± 3%. Measurement speed faster than the previous generation, ranging time less than 30ms; more energy-efficient, normal mode of operation power consumption is only 20mW, standby power consumption is only 5μA. The sensor to complete the distance calculation within the I2C bus interface output data, thus the system’s main controller needs to a minimum.

The internal laser emits 940nm wavelengths of non-visible light and does not harm the eyes. This eliminates the problem of redistribution with other infrared proximity detection sensors and enhances immunity to external light sources. The sensor’s digital architecture and automatic compensation make it possible to achieve high ambient light levels.

VL53L0X sensing capabilities can support a variety of functions, including a variety of innovative user interface gesture sensing or proximity detection; sweeping robots and other appliances, wall detection, cliff detection, collision detection; sanitary products, such as faucet, soap dispenser, Dry cell phones, and irrigators; other targeted applications include laptop user presence detection or power switch monitors, unmanned aerial vehicles and IoT products.

Product Parameters:

Working voltage: 2.8-5v

Communication: IIC communication protocol (fully compatible with the 3-5v system

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GY-530 VL53L0X module: 1pcS

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