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D2-1 DIY Intelligent Tracking Line Follow Smart Car Kit

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D2-1 DIY Intelligent Tracking Line Follow Smart Car Kit


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Working Principle:

1. The chip LM393 is at any time comparing the size of the two photosensitive resistors at any time. When there is an imbalance (for example, one side of the black runway), the motor is stopped immediately and the other side of the motor is rotated to make the car correct and return to the correct direction. The whole process is a closed loop control so that it can be controlled quickly and sensitively.

2. Photosensitive resistance, which can detect the strength of the outside light, the stronger the resistance value of the external light is smaller, the weaker the outside light is, the greater the resistance value.

3. When the red LED light is projected to the white area and the black runway, the resistance value of the photosensitive resistance will take place obviously, which will facilitate the control of the subsequent circuit.

Assembly Steps:

First step: the basic welding of the circuit part.

A. The circuit welding part is relatively simple, the welding sequence is according to the principle of the height of the component from low to high.

B. First welding 8 resistors, it is necessary to use the multimeter to confirm whether the resistance is correct, and the welding with polar components such as the triode, green indicator and electrolytic capacitor must be divided into the direction of the component of our picture as far as possible.

C. When the welding capacity is welded, the pin is inserted into the side of the shadow on the PCB screen. When welding green LED, it is positive that the pin is long and the welding time can not be too long or easy to weld.

D. D4 D5 R13 R14 can be temporarily unwelded and the integrated circuit chip can be unplugged. Please check carefully after the initial welding is completed.

Second step: mechanical assembly.

A. The universal wheel screws are threaded into the PCB hole and screwed into the universal wheel nut and the universal wheel.

B. The battery box is attached to the PCB by double-sided adhesive. The extraction line is welded to the PCB through the PCB reservation hole.

C. The red line is connected to the 3V power, the yellow line is grounded, and the redundant lead can be used for the connection of the motor.

D. The machine part assembly can first assemble the wheel, the wheel is made up of three pieces of black acrylic wheel. Before assembly, please uncover the protective film.

E. The center hole of the most inner wheel is a long round hole. The diameter of the wheel in the middle is small. The center of the wheel in the outside is round, fixed with two screws and nuts, and using the black self tapping.

F. The screw is fixed on the rotating shaft of the motor, and finally the silicone tyre is sheathed on the wheel. Use the lead wire to connect the motor lead line well.

G. Finally, the wheel assembly is stickup in the PCB position with the dry glue. Notice that the wheel and the PCB edge keep enough clearance to weld the motor lead to PCB.

Third step: installation of photoelectric circuit.

The photosensitive resistance and the light emitting diode (attention polarity) are installed in the reverse PCB, and the ground space is about 5 mm, and the distance between the photosensitive resistance and the light emitting diode is also about 5 mm. Finally, it can be tested by electricity.

Fourth step: Vehicle debugging

A. After loading 2 AA batteries in the battery box, when the switch is pressed down, the car’s correct driving reverse is driving along the universal wheel.

B. If you hold the light resistor on the left, the wheel on the right side of the car should turn, hold the light resistor on the right, and the wheel on the left side of the car should turn, and if the car is back, it can be turned in at the same time.

C. Change the wiring of the two motors. If one side is normal and the other side retreats, just switch back one side motor connection.

1 x Intelligent Tracking Line Smart Car Kit (Battery NOT Included)
1 x User Manual


Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

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