The Arduino is a simple I/O platform based on open source code,and use java,such as Processing/Wiring of C 

language development environment,the characteristics of easy understand.Allow you to quickly use the Arduino do interesting things.

The Arduino can be used with some electronics components such as : LED lights,buzzer,buttons,photo resistance, etc.The Arduino development environment based on the principle of open source interface,allows you to free download  to use developed more amazing interactive work.

Compared to the old version,R3 version major changes:

1. Atmega 16U2 chip alternative 8U2. Menus a higher transfer rate and memory.

2. increase SDA and SCL interface.


Open circuit diagram of the original design,the development of software interface for free download,can also be in accordance with the requirement and their modified,download the program is simple and convenient.Can simply use sensors,all kind of electronics components connection (such as: LED lights, buzzer,buttons,photo resistance,etc .)make all sorts of interesting work.Microprocessor controller  (ATMEGAA328), using high speed development interface and the environment are very simple and easy to understand,very suitable for beginners to learn.


Digital I/O inputs / outputs were : 0~13.

Analog I/O Analog input/output : 0~5.

Support ISP download function.

The input voltage : when connect to the computer USB without external power supply,

external power supply 7V to 12V dc input voltage.

Output voltage : 3.3V and 5V dc voltage output dc voltage output.

Using Atmel Atmega328 microprocessor controller.

More information, please refer to Arduino

Package list :

1 x Arduino compaitable Uno R3 board
1 x High quality USB cable

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UNO R3 Development Board MEGA328P ATMEGA16U2

Arduino UNO R3 Development Board MEGA328P ATMEGA16U2 QR Code
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