This amazing wire stripper is ideal for electricians, technicians, and do-it-yourselfers.This will automatically strip the jacket of a wire with just one press of the trigger. This is simple to use, simply insert the tip of a single wire inside the jaw, then press the trigger. This can strip up to 20milimiters it also has a built in wire cutter for
convenience. This stripper has two number lines along the jaw, one side shows millimeter, the other side indicates inch. This approximately measures 6 1/2" long

If you're a car stereo installer, custom home installer, electrician,technicians, you'll love this tool. This tool will save you a lot of time, strip the wire ten times faster than before.


Net weight: 0.23kg

Length: 6 1/2"
Cable Specification:
1-wire cable:  Stripper Area: 0.2-3.3mm2, Cutter: 0.08-2.0mm2
                   Stripper Diameter: 0.5-2mm, Cutter: 0.32-1.60mm
Multi-wire cable: Stripper area: 0.2-5.5mm2, Cutter: 0.09-3.5mm2
Pressure adjustment


* 1 x Wire Stripper+Cutter Tool

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BAOLING NO.300 Automatic Wire Stripper Stripping Tool

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