Operating Characteristics: 
1.When the switch is in the stationary state, as shown in (ON) below the level of the end of 15 degrees, the switch is in the ON state; 
2.When (OFF) side below the level of 15 degrees, the switch is in OFF state; 
3.When subjected to external shaking forces and shaking reached, or when the conduction angle is set in the range, the conductive pin electrical characteristics will produce short or continuous conduction 
4.When the switch is OFF side angle of 15 degrees below the horizontal, while shaking difficult to trigger conduction; 
5.The trigger switch for low current circuit, does not apply when the power switch; 
6.,This switch is a sealed package, dustproof, waterproof; 
7.When you want to restore the electrical characteristics of the open state (OFF), switch to set the environment must be static, and (OFF) below the level required to set up the open end angle; 
Package Including 
1pcs SW-520D ball switch Angle switch Tilt switch

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SW-520D SW520 Ball Switch Angle Tilt Switch Vibration Switch *1Pcs

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