• MQ-136 hydrogen sulfide qualitative detection gas sensor module

Module Features 

One, size: 35mm X40mm X28mm L * W * H
Two main components: hydrogen sulfide gas sensor
Third, the working voltage: DC 5V
IV characteristics
               1, the module with level signal output, with alarm signal indicators;
               2, the sensor module with analog signal output voltage range :0-5V;
               3, active low level signal outputs can be driven PNP transistors can also be connected microcontroller IO port;
               4, the analog output voltage increases with the concentration, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage;
               5, the hydrogen sulfide gas with high sensitivity;
               6, with a long service life and reliable stability;
               7, after preheating with fast response and recovery characteristics;
               8, with mounting holes to facilitate fixed installation;
               9, the probe can plug design, easy to test;
              10, the module with temperature compensation function, adaptability and more reliable.

V. Application:
     Mainly used for qualitative detection, for the family, the environment hazardous gas detection equipment, suitable for the detection of hydrogen sulfide, H2S gas sensors tested concentration range: 1 to 100ppm, detailed information on;

Provide sensors product brochures,

  Sensor parameters
1, the heating voltage: 5 + 0.2V (AC · DC)
2, Working current: 180mA
3, the circuit voltage: DC5V (Max DC 24V)
4, the load resistance: 10K (adjustable)
5, the test concentration range :1-100ppm
6, clean air voltage: < 1.5V
7, Sensitivity: > 3%
8, response time: < 1S (3-5 minute warm-up, the theory preheating time 48 hours)
9, response time: < 30S
10, the component power consumption: < 0.9W
11, Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 oC (nominal temperature 20 oC)
12, Humidity: 95% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)
13, life: 5 years
14, size: 35mm × 40mm × 28mm
15, weight Size: 15g (approximately)

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MQ-136 hydrogen sulfide qualitative detection gas sensor module

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