Supply voltage: 5V

the back-light nd contrast is adjusted by potentiometer

Come with 2 IIC interface , which can be connected by dupont line or IIC dedicated cable

Compatible for 1602 LCD

This is another great  IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface 

With this I2C interface module,you will be able to realize data display via 2 wire 

if you already has I2C device in your project , this LCD module actually cost no more resource at all.


Size: 54*19mm

Net weight: 6g

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IICI2C TWI SPI Serial Interface Module For Arduino 1602LCD

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ගෙවීම් සඳහා වැඩි විස්තර ලබා ගැනීමට, ඉහත පින්තූරය මත ක්ලික් කරන්න.

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