• Ferric Chloride For PCB Etching 100ml

Ferric Chloride Solution – 43%
Cesco's ferric chloride solution features:
  • Ready-to-use 43% solution
  • Perfect for etching printed circuit boards and creating your own prototypes
  • Used by jewelry artists to etch copper and brass
  • Effective on Damascus steel knife blades
  • Can be diluted with distilled water

Ferric chloride solution is an acidic solution that is highly corrosive to many metals.  
On a large scale, it is used in water purification and sewage treatment, and in the past for etching rotogravure cylinders in the printing industry. 
For the hobbyist, artisan, or small business, the most common uses include the etching of knife blades, jewelry, printed circuit boards, and intaglio printmaking plates. Other more unusual uses include revealing the so-called “widmanstatten pattern” in iron meteorites, identifying the dates of Buffalo nickels that are so badly worn that coin collectors can no longer see them, and achieving certain shades of pink, brown and orange in the process of firing Raku pottery. 
Cesco’s ready-to-use 43% solution can be diluted with distilled water if desired.  
Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling.  Can stain skin and clothing.

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Ferric Chloride For PCB Etching 100ml

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