Product specification
With Shell Case size: 40mm*40mm*14mm
With Shell Case weight: 15.2g
Board size: 36mm*36mm
Net weight: 7.3g

CC3D-RAID Comes from the original CC3D chip, optimizes the PCB layout and replaces the more advanced gyroscopes;
It changes the inconvenience of the original Mirco USB port;
The new CC3D uses Betaflight ground station and firmware and parameter settings, which is simpler than the original Openpilot.
Perfect function, suitable for beginners, easier for experienced players.
Its function is stronger than ordinary F3.
Note: This flight controller does not support Openpilot firmware. Only Betaflight firmware and debugging software are supported.

The OpenPilot Copter Control 3D aka CC3D is a board more tuned to Acrobatic flying or GPS based auto-piloting. It only has one sensor, The MPU6500(Fast SPI) based Acc/Gyro. It also features a 16Mbit SPI based EEPROM chip. It has 6 ports labeled as inputs (one pin each) and 6 ports labeled as motor/servo outputs (3 pins each).

If issues are found with this board please report via the github issue tracker. 

The board has a USB port directly connected to the processor. Other boards like the Naze and Flip32 have an on-board USB to uart adapter which connect to the processor's serial port instead.

The board cannot currently be used for hexacopters/octocopters.

Tricopter & Airplane support is untested, please report success or failure if you try it.


The 8 pin RC_Input connector has the following pinouts when used in RX_PPM/RX_SERIAL

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CC3D Flight Controller Board 32 Bits Processor Openpilot **With Shell Case

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