Vibration Sensors

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801S Vibration Shock Sensor With Sensitivity Adjustable


Description:Long Dimensions:10mm*45mm*15mmMain chip: LM393Operation voltage: DC 3-5VFeature:1. Having a signal output instruction;2. With a TTL level signal, and the analog output signal;3. The output..

Analog Ceramic Vibration Piezoelectric Sensor Module Piezo Vibration Sensor For Arduino


1. Working voltage: 3.3V or 5V2. Working current: <1mA3. Operating temperature range: -10℃~+70℃4. Interface type: analog signal output5. Dimensions: 30mm x 23mm6. Weight size: 5g7. Pin definition: ..

2-3 Days

Vibration Sensor Module Switch SW-420 sw420


If the module does not vibrate, the vibration switch was closed on state, output of low output, the green indicator light.The product vibrates, vibration switch momentary disconnect, output is driven ..

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