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MLX90614 Contact less Temperature Sensor Module MLX90614ESF GY-906

Rs.4,390.00 Rs.3,990.00

Using a Chip: MLX90614Power supply: 3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)Communication: standard IIC communication protocolUp for sale is a MELEXIS MLX90614ESF-BAA-000-TU-ND non-contact infrared therm..

AM2302 DHT22 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor


AM2302 digital temperature and humidity capacitance humidity module is a self contained calibrated digital signal output from the temperature and humidity sensor complex. It uses a dedicated digital m..

Contactless Infrared Thermometer Baby/Adult Generic Fast Practical Health Forehead Body Thermometer


Multiple Functions :0-100℃  (FH)Wide Range, not only body temperature,but also for temperature of room,object,milk,food,bath water etc.5-15cm (2.5-9in) measuring range: safe and cleanQuick and ac..

DHT11 Temperature And Relative Humidity Sensor Module


One. baby description1 can detect ambient humidity and temperature2 sensor DHT113 humidity measuring range: 20% -95% (range 0 degrees -50 degrees) and humidity measurement error: + - 5%4 temperature m..

DHT21 AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor


1. 4-pin package2. Ultra-low power3. No additional components4. Completely interchangeable5. Excellent long-term stability6. All calibration, digital output7. Long distance signal transmission8. Relat..

Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT11


DHT series digital temperature and humidity sensors - full scale calibration, single-wire digital output; - Humidity measuring range: 20% to 9 0% RH (0-50 ° C temperature compensation) ;&nbs..

Digital Temperature Sensor Module DC 4V-30V LM35D



Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Weather Station Alarm Clock HTC-1


Indoor Room LCD Electronic Temperature Humidity Meter Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Weather Station Alarm Clock HTC-1Specifications:  Measuring Temperature range:  -10°C~+70°C (-14°F~+..

Digital Waterproof Temperature Probe DS18B20 100CM


    1.Brand New High Quality    2.The probe the temperature sensor DS18B20 original chip    3.High quality stainless steel tube encapsulation waterproof moistureproof pre..

2-3 Days

DS18B20 18B20 TO-92 IC CHIP Thermometer Temperature Sensor


DS18B20 Sensor SpecificationsProgrammable Digital Temperature SensorCommunicates using 1-Wire methodOperating voltage: 3V to 5VTemperature Range: -55°C to +125°CAccuracy: ±0.5°COutput Resolution: 9-bi..

K Type Thermocouple Control Temperature Sensor 0-600C


Description:Brand new and high quality.Type K Type.Temperature Range:0-600CInternal Insulation: Fiberglass.Thread Diameter:6mm / 0.23.External Shielding: Metal Shield.Total Length:1M / 39.Fork Termina..

LM35 TO-92 Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensors


Calibrated directly in o Celsius (Centigrade)Linear + 10.0 mV/oC scale factor0.5oC accuracy guaranteeable (at +25oC)Rated for full −55o to +150oC rangeSuitable for remote applicationsLow cost due to w..

MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Temperature 0-800 Degrees Module


MAXIM MAX6675 is an American company with a cold junction compensation, linearity correction, thermocouple break detection ADC Serial K-type thermocouple, its temperature resolution capability is 0. 2..

XH-W1209 Thermostat DC12V Mini Regulator Digital Temperature Controller


Product model: XH-W1209Sales unit: 1 pcs/lotControl range: minus 50 to 110 degrees CelsiusLight color: red lightTemperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 degrees CelsiusControl accuracy: 0.1 degrees Celsi..

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