Light Sensors

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MCU-9900 APDS9900 Digital Environment Brightness Module


ALS, infrared LED and near joint detector in opticalmodule Ambient brightness sensor (ALS)- an approximation of the human eye's visual response- programmable interrupt function with upper and lower th..

OPT101 Analog Light Sensor Light Intensity Module


Opt101 Analog Light Sensor Light Intensity Module Monolithic Photodiode Kit Professional EquipmentFeaturesOPT101 is an illuminance photoelectric sensor integrating a photodiode and a specially optimiz..

Photo Light Sensitive Resistor 5516 GL5516 JM


Maximum Voltage: 150 Volt DC    Maximum Wattage:  90mW    Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +70 deg C    Spectral Peak: 540nm    Light Resistance(10 Lux): 5-10 ..

Photocell Street Lamp Light Switch Controller Automatic 220V/10A


Input Voltage: AC 220VMax Load Current: 10A    Size:(approx)5 x 4.2 x3.5cm/1.96"x1.65"x1.37"    Frequency:50-60Hz    ..

Photoresistor (LDR) Light Sensitive Sensor Module


Features:  Sensitive sensors using photoresistor  The comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA.  With adjustable potentiometer to adjust the bright..

Photosensitive resistor Light Sensor Analog Grayscale Sensor Line finder tracking module


The grayscale sensor is an analog sensor. It can be used in combination with the Arduino sensor expansion board v5.0 to sense the different colors of the ground or the desktop and generate correspondi..

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