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1.2V 12V 18650 ZB2L3 Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Discharge Tester


Description:Material: Electrical componentsColor: See picturesZB2L3 battery capacity tester discharge type 1.2-12V external load capacity of the battery and other tests 18650Tools, single-function, by..

4-Digit Battery Indicator LED Light XD-82B 12V Battery 4-Stage Bit Indicator Module


1. On-board high-precision voltage detection chip and power supply voltage regulator chip 2. On-board 4-digit battery indicator LED lights are displayed in 3 colors. Red, yellow, yellow, and gree..

4.5V-30V DC Digital Voltmeter Module DSN-DVM-368


DescriptionDSN-DVM-368 Digital Voltmeter Module 4.5V-30V DC is a small & lightweight device. It has three terminals; one voltage input for measuring, one supply voltage, and one ground. There are ..

DC 0-100V 3 Digital Mini Voltmeter Meter Display HMD-DC100-3036


1 X DC 0-100V 3 Digital Mini Voltmeter Meter Display HMD-DC100-3036..

Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Meter Tester Display Li-ion 4.2V 8.4V 12.6V 16.8V 25.2V 29.4V


Specifications:Type: 3.7V/2S/3S/4S/6SDisplay color: blueHousing color: black+greenSize: 45*20mmMaterial: plastic, electronic componentsPackage list:1 x  lithium battery capacity indicator moduleF..

Mini Led Display Gauge Voltage Meter 3 Wire 0.28 Inch Dc 0-100v


specification:Display: 0.28"LED, red/yellow/blue/green  (optional)Size: 30*11.7*9.2mm (L*W*H)Material: PP+electronic components2 wire working voltage:4.0~40V  (with reverse connection protec..

0-100VDC 50A LED Ammeter Voltmeter DC Dual Display


Voltage measurement range:0.0V-100VCurrent test range:0-50APower supply scope:DC4-30.0VVoltage error:±0.1%Current error:±1%Specification of external shunt:75 MEOWorking current:< 20mArefresh rate :..

DC 0-100V 10A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Digital Volt Meter & Current Meter


The working voltage of Meter itself: DC 4 - 30V(The maximum input voltage can not exceed 30V. Otherwise the meter will be burned)Working current of Meter itself:≤20mAVoltage Measuring range: DC 0 - 10..

Digital Voltmeter Led Display Voltage Monitor 5-120V DC


The voltmeter is applicable to almost all electric vehicles, high precision, stable and reliable.High precisionMinimum 5 v low working voltage,with reverse polarity protection, reverse does not burn.U..

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