PCB Spacers

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Brass Standoffs 3M Spacer 3mm-30mm


Type:3x8mmMaterial:brassColor:brass+silverSize:3mm      Rs.5.004mm      Rs.7.005mm      Rs.8.006mm      Rs.10.008mm      Rs.1..

M3 Male To Female Hex Brass Standoff Spacer 3mm-30mm


Type:3x8mmMaterial:brassColor:brass+silverSize:3mm      Rs.6.004mm      Rs.8.005mm      Rs.9.006mm      Rs.11.008mm      Rs.1..

Standoff Spacer 3mm-20mm Non-Thread Column


Type: ABS Round Non-Thread Spacer Material: ABS Size:M3 (ID3.2mm)Inside Diameter: 3.2mm for M3 ScrewOutside Diameter: 7mmSpacer Length: 1mm - 30mm3mm      Rs.3.004mm  &nb..

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