Lead Acid Battery

Lead Acid Battery in sri lanka

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12V 7Ah UPS Battery General Purpose Lead Acid Long Life Battery


Rechargeable -  RechargeableElectrolyte - Sulfuric Acid Nominal Voltage - 12VUsage  - UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, Boat, Etc..Type - Lead- Acid BatteryWeight - 2.1Kg..

2-3 Days

UPS Battery 12V 7.2AH Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Rechargeable LP 12-7.0(12V7.2Ah)


12V 7AH SEALED LEAD ACID RECHARGEABLE BATTERY or UPS BatteryVoltage: 12 V DCCapacity: 7.2AHSize: Long 150mm * 65 mm * 93 mm * 98 mmWeight: 1.5KgHigh energy densityLong cycle lifeWide applicationHigh d..

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