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Battery Holder Case Cover Shell For micro:bit 2pcs AAA Batteries 3V


Description:Cable length: About 14cm / 5.5inchFor battery type: 2pcs AAA batteriesInterface: PH2.0Note: Battery Case only. Batteries and other items are not included. Package include:1 X Battry C..

BBC Micro: bit V2 GPIO Expansion Board DIY3.3V 5V Adapter


Introduction:lO bit is an acronym for (Input/output).lObit is an IO port extension board that supports micro:bit. It can extract all IO resources on the micro:bit. At the same time, there are two diff..

Micro:bit BBC Offical Microbit V2 V1.5 Programmable Learning Development Board


Features:USB and Bluetooth Low energy connectivity.Compass and Accelerometer.2 x user assignable buttons.A 25 LED display.21 pin edge connector.Contents:1 x BBC micro:bit.Dimensions:PCB Length: 52mm.P..

Micro:bit Extension Board Breakout Board Adapter


Overview:IO: bit is an expandable mini-plate that can be powered for Micro: bit, which contains a small bell.It differs from the general expansion board in the market, not just the transformer board.F..

2-3 Days

micro:bit V2 Go BBC Microbit Bundle


The BBC micro:bit v2 is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Each order contains just the micro:bit v2 board. You can code, customize and control your micro:bit ..

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