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Show All Magicbit Products

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Magicbit Core Development Board Without Sensors

Rs.8,800.00 Rs.9,250.00

Magicbit board itself has many inbuilt features to support learning and innovationBattery ConnectorPotentiometerBuzzerPush buttonExternal connectorDisplayCrocodile clip holesUSB connectorPower and cha..

Magicbit ESP32 MagicKey Development Board


Magickey is a ESP32-based development board with on board LED, push button, LDR, and RGB neo pixel. It’s bread board compatible. Support all software as same as Magicbit Core.Product Link: Coming Soon..

Magicbit Magicbot Robot Platform *without magicbit board

Rs.7,600.00 Rs.7,950.00

Differential drive robotics platform to learn and experience basic concepts of robotics such as sensors, actuators, line-following, obstacle detection, and avoidance. Since the Magicbit has WiFi &..

Magicbit Pro Development Board Kit With Sensors

Rs.16,950.00 Rs.18,450.00

All In oneEverything you need in a single package,Magicbit Core, 10 Pluggable Modules & Battery HolderModular DesigningDifferent sensors can be plugged into the Magicbit platform simply as plug-an..

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