Rotary Encoder Modules

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E6B2-CWZ6C Rotary Encoder 600P/R Omron Encoders


Incremental Rotary Encoder E6B2-CWZ6C 600P/R CNC Servo Stepper MotorSupply voltage:DC5V-5%~24V+15%Current consumption:80mA max.Output circuit configuration:NPNopen collector outputOutput capacity:appl..

Five-Way Navigation Button Bodule / 5D Joystick Independent Keyboard / Switch / Button / MCU


Features:5 direction navigation button module support up/down/left/right/middle with extra set and reset button2V-9V wide working voltage and 7 IO port pinout compatible for most MCU development board..

Rotary Encoder Module KY-040


Product informationBy rotating the rotary encoder can be counted in the positive direction and the reverse direction during rotation of the output pulse frequency, unlike rotary potentiometer counter,..

Rotary Encoder Module Rotating Potentiometer Module


Digital rotary encoder module Rotary potentiometer Rotary  potentiometer without knob cap         Working voltage: 5VPulses per revolution: 20The rotary encoder can count..

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