RF Communications

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JT308 USB Smart RFID Card Reader MODULE


Communication mode: standard HID communication; ●  Interface: full-speed USB  device interface, compatible with USB V2.0●  Power supply mode: USB  universal serial bus interfa..

NRF24L01 Wireless adapter module 8Pin


Wireless module operating voltage is generally 3.3v, while the ordinary 51 microcontroller 5v, this module is easy toshop wireless module with 51 single system board used in conjunction.This module ca..

RF Transmiter and Receiver link kit 433Mhz


Transmitter : Working voltage: 3V - 12V  fo max. power use 12VWorking current: max  Less than 40mA max , and min 9mAResonance mode: (SAW)Modulation mode: ASKWorking frequency: Eve 315MH..

RFID Card 13.56Mhz MF S50 Proximity IC Smart Card Tag 0.8mm


Feature*Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)*Operating distance: Up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry)*Operating frequency: 13.56MHz*Data transfer: 106 kbit/s*D..

SX1278 Lora Long-Distance Wireless Data Trans Module 3KM 433MHz Testing Board Development


Product Introduction:1.3-3.6V power supply2.UART interface (TTL level)3.Operating frequency 433Mhz4.RF has high sensibility,within 3km can perform visual distance communication.Indoor signal can be al..

SX1278 LoRa Module 433M 10KM Ra-02 Ai-Thinker Wireless Spread Spectrum Transmission Socket


Ra-02 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH's SX1278 wireless transceiver. It adopts advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, with a communication distance of 10,000 meters. It has stron..

SX1278 LoRa Spread Spectrum Wireless Module 433MHz SPI Interface Anxin can Ra-01


Vast communication distance 15 km+ 20 DBM - 100 mw constant rf power output voltage changeHigh sensitivity, low - 148 DBMHalf duplex SPI communication Programmable bit rate is as high as 300 KBPS..

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