Logic Level Converters

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Logic Level Bi-directional Converter TXS0108E TXB0108 8 Channel 3.3/5V


8 channels bidirectional voltage translation between different logic level,translate between Ax and Bx automaticallyVoltage level: 1.8V-6VDimension: 21mm x 15mmHow to UseIn the case of translating bet..

Logic Level Bi-Directional Module 4 Channel IIC I2C 5V to 3.3V


Material: Electrical componentsColor: See pictures42/57/86 TB6600 Stepper Motor 32-segment driver updated version 4.0A 40VDC for CNC milling machineSpecifications:This unit is an upgraded version of T..

Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional I2C IIC 8Ch Step Up 3.3V To 5V


If you've ever tried to connect a 3.3V device to a 5V system, you know what a challenge it can be. bi-directional logic level converter is a small device that safely steps down 5V signals to 3.3V AND ..

MAX485 RS-485 TTL to RS485 MAX485CSA Converter Module


1.On-board MAX485 chip, A low power consumption for the RS-485 communication, slew-rate limited transceiver.2. On board then 5.08 (mm) pitch 2P terminal to facilitate RS-485 communication wiring.3.All..

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