Keen Systems washing station is an automatic commercial hand washing station in an integrated design. It consists of a soap dispenser and a faucet all in the same brushed stainless steel spout design with indication LED lights. These combinations create a simple and elegant look in the commercial restroom. 

Keen Systems, washing station is suitable for commercial restrooms in new projects and reconstruction buildings, especially ideal for shopping malls & any kind of shops, saloons, hospitals, production factories,  and food factory, schools & classes, etc.. . Users can wash and rinse their hands right at the wash basin. It is the one-stop solution for hand hygiene which required lowest maintenance effort .

Staring with Keen Systems auto soap dispenser, it’s capable of performing as a liquid soap dispenser or a foam soap dispenser by simply changing the appropriate soap and the soap pump. Second, our Keen Systems auto faucet equipped with high quality waterproof sensors. It has very stable sensing and water flowing. For hospitals, food processing factories or places required alcohol sanitizing, an optional auto sanitizer dispenser in the same design is also available.

This one-stop automatic hand washing station can also be customized according to customers’ needs. Duino Electronics & Keen Systems has rich experiences in product design and customization for more than 5 years, any request for customized products can be discussed and realized.

Product CodeProduct nameQty  1PcsQty 5PCS +Qty 10Pcs +
WBK002Semi Auto Wash Basin -Automatic Faucet-Manual Shop DispenserRs.19500.00Rs.18500.00Rs.17500.00
WBK003Fully Automatic Wash Basin - Automatic Shop Dispenser with 4L tankRs.21500.00Rs.20500.00Rs.18500.00
WBK003Fully Automatic Wash Basin - Automatic Shop Dispenser with 4L tank With Battery Pack
WBK004Fully Automatic Wash Basin - Automatic Faucet/Automatic Shop Dispenser/Battery Pack

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*Non Corrosive Stainless Steel Water  Faucet 

*Non Corrosive Stainless Steel Shop Dispenser 

*IP65 Water & Dust Resistance Electronics Controller 

*1L/2L/4L Liquid Shop Tank

*High Sensitive Waterproof Sensors

*Response Time 0.1 Second

*Power Saving Mood

*3 Months Warranty