Motor Driver Module

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5 Axis CNC Breakout Board Interface Stepper Driver Controller


Features:This is a full-featured MACH3 interface board, with the following features:1. Fully support MACH3 and other computer software to support parallel control.2. USB power supply and external powe..

Motor Driver L298N Module DC Stepper Dual H Bridge


Module name  : dual H bridge motor drive moduleWork mode      : H bridge drive (double road)Main control chip  : L298NPackaging      : electrostatic bagLogical ..

Motor Driver Module L298N MINI 1.5A Dual Channel


motor drive module is ideal for use in battery-powered smart car, toy cars, robots. Supply voltage 2V ~ 10V, can drive two DC motors or a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motors ,can achieve forward rotation or..

PWM Motor Speed Controller DC 10-36V With Forward / Reverse Switch


Specification:Brand new, Unused, High qualityMaterial: Plastic, metalHigh efficiency, high torque, generates low heatControl the speed of a DC motor with this controllerWith reverse polarity protectio..

Servo Motor Driver 16 Channel 12-bit PWM I2C Module PCA9685


Servo Motor Driver 16 Channel 12-bit PWM I2C Module PCA9685This is an i2c-controlled PWM drive and a built-in clock. This means that it will and TLC5940 series are very different. You do not need to c..

TB6560 High-speed Optical Coupling Driver Board DC 10-35V 3A


High-speed Optical Coupling DC 10-35V TB6560 3A Driver Board CNC Router Single 1 Axes Controller Stepper Motor DriversFeatures:6N137 high-speed optical coupling, guarantee high speed without losing st..

2-3 Days

TB6600 42/57/86 4.5A 40V Stepper Motor Driver


New arrival 42/57/86  stepper motor driver 32 segments TB6600 upgraded version 4.0A 42VDC Specifications:This drive is an upgraded version of the TB6600, the breakdown of heightening to 32 s..

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